Spots, Flashes and Floaters

Spots, Flashes & Floaters Spots and floaters are tiny flecks or threads, which seem to float in front of your eyes. They are experienced by most people. They are often caused by particles of protein trapped in the fluid inside the eye, or by the deterioration of the fluid due to advancing age.

Occasionally they are the result of certain eye diseases or injuries, or they may signal the development of more serious conditions such as retinal detachment. They are usually harmless, but those experiencing a sudden change or increase in “spots and floaters” or flashes of light should consult their optometrist.

The most common cause of flashes is when the jelly inside the eye, or vitreous, pulls away or detaches, from the retina hence the term Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD). This is generally a benign condition but as mentioned could be an indicator for more serious conditions such as retinal detachment and should always be investigated.